Introduction to Physics Concept of Physics

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Introduction to Physics Concept of Physics
Defn: Physics is the study of the relationship 
between matter and energy. The people 
who study physics is called physicists
Defn: science is the scientific study of 
nature. For Example, how cooling effect 
Defn: technology is the application of 
science. For Example, cooling effect uses 
in refrigerator to cool different items
Relationship between Physics and Other 
Physics is the fundamental subject which 
other subject uses application of physics; 
the following is the relation with other 
i. Chemistry
Composition and decomposing of 
matter involves energy. For Example, 
 i. Cooking stoves, fuel burn to leased 
heat energy
 ii. Insect killers and Perfumes packed in 
container by compressed which 
comes out with high pressure
 iii.Fertilizer when they syntheses the 
heat energy should involved
 iv.When tea and other food cooked 
the heat energy should involved
ii. Biology
Since biology is the scientific subject, 
which involves living and non-living
things, which may be micro and macro 
organism, it uses application of physics. 
For Example, 
 i. Microscope which made by 
physicist is used to observe micro 
 ii. Syringe is based on pressure
iii. Mathematics
Physicist should master mathematics 
because physics problems may involve 
iv. Astronomy
Defn: astronomy is the scientific study of 
universe. Universe composed by moon, sun, stars, comets, planets etc. it uses 
different instruments to study the
universe which are made by physicists.
For Example,
 i. Periscope and telescope are used
to observe distant objects like stars
 ii. Material used to build the space like
satellite are determined by physicists
v. Geography
Defn: geography is the study of man
and his environment. It includes soil,
rainfall, mountains etc. it uses
application of physics, for Example,
 i. Many instruments like rain gauge,
wind vane developed by physicist
 ii. Barometer which used to measure
the atmospheric pressure made by
 iii.Formation of soil and rocks are
explained by physics

Applications of Physics in Real Life
Physics influence our lives as follows
1. At home
They include
 i. All tools and machinery: such as
Crowbars, Hammers, door handles,
cutlery, hinges, car jack, pulleys, tillage
implements etc made by knowledge of
 ii. Electrical appliances: such as cooker,
iron, heater, electric lamps, washing
machine etc made by knowledge of
2. Medical field
They include;
 i. Machines such laser, x-ray, incubators,
ultrasound and infrared machines
 ii. The knowledge used in handling and
even actual use of these machines are
based on the knowledge and skills
acquired in Physics.
3. Source of energy
They include;
 i. Batteries and generators provide
electrical energy
 ii. bulbs they provide light energy
 iii.speaker gives us sound energy
4. Transport
All Vessels used in transportation is results of
concept of physics. For Example, cars,
ships, aeroplane, trains etc
5. Communication
All Devices used in communication systems
is results of concept of physics. For
Example, telephones, modems, television,
cables etc
6. Entertainment
Physics enable people to enjoy a variety of
leisure activities as is evident in
photography, digital appliances, exercise
machines and other sport equipment.
7. Industry
Physicists have been able to come up with
tools and process that have resulted in
advanced technological equipment and
new discoveries.
8. in schools
The instruments and apparatus used in
school laboratories are made through the
application of the knowledge and skill
acquired in a Physics class.
Importance of Learning Physics
 i. The study of physics enables us to
answer many question concerning
physical properties of matter
 ii. Enable different people to acquire skills
that required in different profession. For
Example, , engineering, teaching and
 iii.Enable us to designing and
manufacture different items. For
Example, , dry cell, simple machines,
mobile phones etc
 iv.Enable us to enjoy since we study

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