HESLB | Majina 2,982 Waliokosea Kuomba Mkopo 2021/22 | Four Days For 2,982 Applicants To Complete Loan Application Procedures 2021/22


HESLB Names With Problems - Majina Waliokosea Kuomba Mkopo 2021/22 Academic Year

The Higher Education Student Loans Board (HESLB) has given four days from October 4-7, this year to 2,982 students who applied for loans in 2021/2022 to make adjustments to complete their application procedures.

For detailed information on the adjustment, applicants have been advised to visit their SIPA-Student’s Individual Permanent Account (SIPA) account.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), HESLB Director of Planning and Credit, Dr. Veronica Nyahende said once the reform process is completed, HESLB will start allocating loans to needy students.

“In the application review we have identified 2,982 applicants whose forms are defective. We have given four days, and after the process is completed we will begin the process of arranging loans for qualified and needy students “, said Dr. Nyahende.

According to Dr. Applicants will also be required to visit SIPA accounts to obtain credit information to be allocated by HESLB later this month.

As of September 30, this year, HESLB had received 88,688 applications and among those applications; 85,706 were complete and 2,982 needed to be amended.

Dr. Nyahende added that the Government is fully committed to ensuring that student loan funds are repaid before tertiary institutions start opening from October 25 this year.

In the academic year 2021/2022, the Government has allocated TZS 570 Billion for the loan budget of 162,000 higher education students including 62,000 first year students and 98,000 continuing studies.

How to check Majina 2982 waliokosea maombi ya Mkopo 2021/22 awamu ya kwanza 2021. Official now you can see you loan allocation status if you get it on not by using your OLAMS account that was used to apply for loan when window opened for the academic year of 2021/2022 by follow the link at the end of this advert.

Majina Mkopo Awamu ya kwanza 2021/2022 | HESLB Third Batch Loan Beneficiaries 2021/2022 .To view your loan allocation status, click here Below.

How To Check Majina 2982 waliokosea maombi ya Mkopo 2021/22

HESLB Majina ya waliopata mkopo awamu ya kwanza 2021/2022. All students selected to join Different Universities in Tanzania and who Applied for Loan to sponsor their Higher Learning Education Advised to use Official website of Higher Education Students Loan (HESLB) www.heslb.go.tz or to use their OLAS Account to log in to check their Allocation status


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