Job Opportunity at Standard Bank, Manager, Credit Originati.

Manager, Credit Originati


Job ID: 27802
Job Sector: Banking
Closing Date: Oct 16 2017
Country: Tanzania
Region/State/Province/District: Dar es Salaam Region
Location: Dar es Salaam

Job Details

Risk Management: understanding all risks – from the economic to the political – that could affect our global business, and offering guidance to all parts of the bank
Job Purpose

To asses information provided and consolidate in an Application for Facilities (AFF),  with focus on the need and structure of facilities, asses counter-party credit risks associated with the bank’s CIB lending and investment activities at the Business and client interface, with the primary objective to contain credit risk within acceptable parameters and in compliance with the Credit Policy and Product Parameters.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Provision of direct (specialist/ professional) credit assessment services at the Business and  customer interface:
Identifies credit and risk management requirements at the source of the deal negotiation/ business proposal.
Conducts credit assessment  interviews during deal negotiation to obtain sufficient and appropriate information to determine  business risk and deal viability, from a credit risk perspective.
Declines non -viable deals at source, however works in partnership with Relationship Manager,  Manager Credit Evaluation CIB  and client to identify alternatives that could bring the deal/ proposal within acceptable risk parameters relative to profitability.
Recommends appropriate facilities in line with risk assessment
Presents and defends own judgment & credit decisions to clients in a manner which does not negatively affect the business relationship.

Preparation of formal Credit Applications:
Identifies  and quantifies sources of risk in relation to profitability of business proposals and financial viability of CIB clients as a whole, interrogates information obtained to gain a thorough understanding of business parameters which create profit/value as well as the associated risks.
Utilizes Industry risk analysis available to identify and understand contextual threats to existing and potential clients.
Assess whether proposals meet sound business criteria and counter-party credit risk falls within acceptable parameters, and recommends appropriate business credit facilities including terms or conditions of facilities.
Prepares credit applications (AFFs, Credit Modification, Temporary excess memos, etc) providing sound financial and business justification for deals/proposals within acceptable risk parameters relative to the profitability.

Build credit partnership with Relationship Managers:
Builds relationship with Relationship Managers to improve quality of business proposals and turnaround time.
Shares joint credit responsibility for business written.

Management of risk in existing accounts:
Proactively drives review process of existing facilities, ensuring consistently thorough and timely review of all existing facilities.
Detects and asses shifts or changes in key risk parameters in a business relationship or industry and assess the implications of such changes on continued business dealings.
Establish reasons for risk exposure in excess of credit facilities, asses these in relation to business risk parameters. Monitors utilization in excess of credit facilities and assists Relationship Manager  in managing the risk exposure.

General Routine:
Ensure timely submission of annual reviews of existing CIB borrowing-clients.
Prepare all credit documentation related to CIB deals / proposals in the required standard format as laid out in the Bank’s Credit Policy.  i.e. Credit application requests, Credit modification requests, Extension requests, Temporary Excess requests, Loss reports etc.
Recommend draw down of facilities (limit slips) once satisfied that all terms and conditions of sanction and/or covenants that require action prior to draw down have been met and all required security has been obtained and in order
Ensure adequate records are kept of dishonoured items and the set procedures are adhered to.
Ensure that accounts identified as problematic are developed with the respective Relationship Manager  to ensure that remedial action is taken to regularise the exposure and /or escalate them to Managed Accounts.
Ensure that accounts identified as problematic are placed on the watch list and re-risk graded to reflect their current irregular status,
Maintain proper credit files for all CIB borrowing clients.

Reports and Returns:
Action upon the following reports within the required time frames:
Referral Report (Rpt COB 2058 D) OPC are to be advised before cut off time of dishonours. Where no consensus can be reached, items are to be arbitrated as per laid down procedures.
Branch overdraft List (Rpt COB 2031 W)
Molly Report (Rpt COB 4026 W)
Exception Report (Rpt  COB 2040 D)
Group Report (Rpt COB2091 D)
Important Transactions Journals (Rpt COB 2072 D)
Ensure that the following returns are submitted to the Credit Compliance Officer for consolidation and onward submission to the Head of Credit Support:
Cross Border Return
Overdue review return
Annual September Aircraft return.
Complete Board Papers as required for Board of Directors’ Meetings :
Facilities in excess of 25% of Capital,
Facilities for noting.
Preferred Qualification and Experience
Banking experience, particularly pertaining to credit risk management, banking processes with regard to banking products and the operation thereof.
Broad knowledge of applicable Acts and Bank Manuals.
Energetic and with sound decision skills
Must be able to work under pressure and remain focussed.
Analytical with a tolerance for high volumes and problem absorption whilst detailed oriented.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise
Detailed understanding of accounting, including both management and financial accounting (or a specialist in a determining value in a particular industry), in order to analyze the financial strengths and weaknesses of clients, and identify potential risks to credit proposals.
Working knowledge of the Bankmaster / Branchpower system.
Thorough understanding of all the bank’s products and facilities that give rise to counter-party credit risk, including their mechanisms and source of profitability for the client and the bank, and what constitutes credit risks in these facilities. Understands the terms of the facilities, and any conditions and covenants that will need to be complied with over the duration of the facilities life, in order to manage risk within set parameters.
Knowledge of financial markets and the volatile nature of certain variable security held, as well as the market forces that influence their market value.
Using available information sources and technology to effectively tap information crucial to sound and informed decision making and management of credit related deals.
Thorough conceptual and practical knowledge of credit procedures, policies and standards, as they apply to each situation such as credit applications, bad debts, disputes, obtaining legal assistance and reporting.


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