Mzumbe University | Notice to the Second Round Applicants of Various Undergraduate Programmes for 2017/2018 Academic year at Mzumbe University.

Mzumbe University wishes to inform all applicants that the call for second round of application is meant for those who did not apply or complete the application process during the first round. For candidates whose applications were not successful in the first round of selection are ADVISED not to make a new application because the University has their details in the MU database. However, they should REGISTER their concerns by sending short text message (SMS) to only one of the following numbers: 0767086469, 0785164074, 0710805711 or 0629130221. In the SMS, please write your correct names as they appear in your form four certificates, your form Four index number (for all sittings) and express your interest to be considered in the second selection and the readiness to study in any of our campuses (Morogoro or Mbeya)

If you have already contacted one of our University admission officials, kindly note that your concern has already been received and the University is working on it.

The deadline for this exercise is on Tuesday 10th October, 2017


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