TCU: Wanafunzi hatarini kukosa Vyuo 2017/18.

Prof. Mwageni today has said that if one day left before the close of the second phase of applying. He has explained how the first phase has been challenged where roughly 180,640 applicants had applied.

"The current system you need the applicant to be very careful because he played only a lost opportunity, the model is the first phase we received the names 180,640 from college but had many errors they repeated mistaking their names were  we find names 77,756 that it still had shortcomings are mana we adopted names 44,627 and we gave some time to send the application correctly in the next phase ", said Prof. Mwageni.

The Secretary added that the applicants should consider the criterias and they are required to apply for colleges and courses according to their performance in order to avoid running out of space in the colleges are requested from their mark that down when colleges have a small number of students with successful students are most comfortable with.

In addition the Secretary has asked applicants chosen on more than one colleges prove an academy within the time prescribed and if they do so they will be disqualified from joining the higher education.
asked the applicants to properly use this opportunity to the next phase as there will be no more time to make the admission means the schedule of lessons per year of education 2017/18 is about to start that exercise of enrollment can not continue if a student, the future will be wrong then you'll have to wait until 2018/19.

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