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Ubongo is building brains and building change for families across Africa through fun edutainment on accessible technologies. We’re a social enterprise founded and based in Dar es Salaam, and we broadcast our shows Akili and Me and Ubongo Kids across the continent. We’re getting ready to expand our offices and operations into new markets, so we’re looking for energetic and self-starting new Ubongoers to join the team as we grow. Working here won’t be easy, but it will challenge and excite you, with lots of responsibility, plenty of fun, and the opportunity to impact the lives of millions of kids every day.

We’re looking for a dynamic, experienced and detail-oriented Head of Operations to improve our in-country processes, systems and culture in preparation for multi-country scaling… and grow with us as we grow! You’ll work closely with our CEO and COO to manage operations in Tanzania (and eventually across countries) as we scale our organization and edutainment to reach millions more kids in Africa.

• Implementing improved systems for metrics (and OKR) tracking and sharing, to optimize efficiency, productivity and performance across teams at Ubongo.
• Working closely with our CEO and COO to leverage metrics and operational insights for strategic decision-making.
• Taking over day-to-day company operations in Tanzania from our COO so that she can focus on scaling business.
• Improving our company-wide communications flow, information sharing systems and feedback rhythms to ensure that Ubongoers have the information they need, when they need it… and that the valuable knowledge that they have gets shared and documented!
• Overseeing our project timelines and our company time budget (across teams) in accordance with our various production commitments, projects and grants, to keep everything running on schedule!
• Working with team leads, project manager and Head of Finance to wow our funders with timely and engaging reporting.
• Leading the onboarding of new Ubongoers (in collaboration with other line managers), to ensure that people can get off the ground running with the training and information they need!
• Being a champion of our Ubongoers Principles for teammates old and new, to nurture our company culture!
• Managing our General and Administrative (G&A) budget lines, tracking ops expenditure (in cooperation with Head of Finance), and handling procurement for major expenses, to ensure that we’re operating at max efficiency and economy!
• Process, process, process! Mapping out processes, especially for administration, and monitoring, improving, sharing and training on them to ensure that team members are empowered to follow them!
• Troubleshooting everything from data migration issues to floods in DSM rainy season, to make sure the ship keeps sailing smoothly and kids keep getting their edutainment!

• Ready and able to take on all the challenges listed above (and many more, down the line) as we scale! This probably means you’ll have an MBA or similar degree, and significant management experience within a dynamic and growing company, but we’re more interested in your ability to get the job done than your qualifications.
• A task juggler. There is a LOT going on at Ubongo, and your job is to help bring out the order in the madness.
• Able to speak and work in English and Kiswahili - we’re a bilingual office.
• Super with systems and processes - not just following them, but also creating them.
• Tech-savvy and able to quickly figure out new software and systems. We use a huge range of different cloud based programs to collaborate streamline our work, including Slack, G Suite, Creative Cloud, Workflow Max and others.
• A persistent but empathetic pusher. We’ve got to get things DONE.
• Good at dealing with ambiguity and able to figure things out for yourself.
• Willing to speak up for what’s right, when you see wrong, or when you think there might be a better way.
• Honest, trustworthy, transparent and conscientious.
• Someone who loves kids. They’re why we do what we do. They’re running around our office all the time. Our kids’ music and videos will become part of your life (and constantly stuck in your head).

Phew! You made it through that. The good thing is that there are also perks, like delicious healthy lunch at the office, health insurance, and you get to watch cartoons at work.


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