Ndalichako | We don’t recognise new students loans body (TSSF)

The government has warned students against applying for loans from the Tanzania Social Support Foundation (TSSF), insisting it was not recognised.

Responding to a question by Mafinga Urban MP Cosato Chumi (CCM), the minister for Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Prof Joyce Ndalichako, said the government was yet to establish whether the institution was genuine or not.

TSSF recently announced that it would provide loans to higher education students who failed to secure them from the government.

 “The government doesn’t recognise the institution. We haven’t verified its authenticity. I am told it requires students to pay Sh30,000 each as an application fee. The question is: what will happen if it fails to provide loans to students who paid the fee?

“I’m not associated nor working with it. I caution people against trusting the institution, which is not verify and the government will not be part to agreements signed by TSSF and students.”


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  1. Je serikali inatafakari vipi uhakiki wa rita unavochesha na hata kutulazimu kutumia nauli kurudi tuliko zaliwa na hata hivo wengine mpaka leo hatujajibiwa uhakiki vyeti vya kuzaliwa lakini tulishalipia gharama zote na deadline ni 15/6/2018, it is possible for tz industrialization???????????


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