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Government To Employ New 100 Internal Auditors | AJIRA MPYA TAMISEMI | GOOD NEWS
Tanzania has a long history of Local Government, going back to the pre-colonial days. The purpose of taking cognizance of the history of Local Government in Tanzania is to look at where we came from with the view of improving the present and the future.
There are many lessons to learn from the various episodes of the evolution of Local Government in the country. Nevertheless, it can be said that since Independence, the Government has been taking deliberate steps to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Local Government culminating into the current Local Government Reform Programme.

Defining Local Government
Local Government can be defined as a sub-national, semi-autonomous level government discharging its functions in a specified area within a nation. By definition, Local Governments are the level of government that are closest to the people and therefore responsible for serving the political and material needs of people and communities at a specific c local area. Such areas could be a rural setting or an urban setting, a village, a town, a suburb in a city or a city, depending on the size.

Local Governments have both political and economic purposes. Politically, Local Governments being the levels of governments closest to the people, are suitably situated to provide a way for ordinary citizens to have a say in how their communities are governed. Local Governments provide opportunities for democratic participation of citizens in matters that affect them directly. They facilitate closer interaction between citizens and elected representatives. 

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