NECTA | Form Six National Examination Time table | Ratiba ya Mtihani wa Taifa wa Kidato cha sita.

Ratiba Ya Kidato Cha Sita 2020 | New Form Six Timetable 2020
Ratiba Ya Kidato Cha Sita 2020.

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania has released new form six Timetable 2020 (Ratiba Ya Kidato Cha Sita 2020) after president of Tanzania to announce Opening of Universities and all form six have to continue with school from 1st June 2020.

Those declaration made by President on 21st May 2020 while talking from White House CHAMWINO Dodoma during process to swear different appointed leaders.

Thus Necta has released new timetable for form six students to Conduct their final National Examinations after being postpone due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disaster to enter in the country early March of this year.
Form Six were supposed to sit for their Examinations on first week of may dated on 4th, May 2020 but they were at home in effort of Government to combat with Coronavirus in Tanzania all Schools, Universities, sports events were closed.

Therefore NECTA has announced official form six will start their final Examinations from 29 June to 16 July 202

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