UDOM | Important Notice To Students Released Today 26th May 2020

UDOM Important Notice To Students Released Today 26th May 2020 | Taarifa Muhimu Kutoka UDOM kwa wanafunzi wote may 2020

The University of Dodoma was formally established in March 2007 following the signing of the Charter by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania. The first academic programmes commenced in September 2007. The University has been designed on a seven campus college mode each of which is semi-autonomous. In its structure, the seven colleges are:
  • College of Education
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • College of Informatics and Virtual Education
  • College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Earth Sciences
  • College of Business Studies and Law
Following temporary suspension of classes at the University due to COVID-19 pandemic on 17th March 2020, all students and the general public are notified that the University will open on 29th May, 2020 and classes will resume on 1st June, 2020.

The registration process for all students will commence on 29th May, 2020 through 31st May,
2020. Students are urged to utilize effectively the three days before the commencement of classes on 1st June, 2020.
All students in the College of Health Sciences (CHS) engaging in clinical rotations are directed to report to their respective centres in Iringa and Singida where their registration will be carried out.

The University welcomes and encourages its esteemed students to adhere to health precautions as directed by the Government on COVID-19 pandemic during their travel and stay at the University.

UDOM Important Notice To Students
About UDOM
Dodoma City is located in the centre of the country (6°10’23’’S; 35°44’31’’E), 455 km west of the former capital, Dar es Salaam; and 441 km south of Arusha City, the cradle of the East African Community. It is also 259 km north of Iringa Municipality through Mtera. The City covers an area of 2,669 km2 of which 625 km2 is urbanised.

Dodoma features a semi-arid climate with relatively warm temperatures throughout the year. Although average maximums are consistent throughout the year, average minimums drop to 13°C in July. The average annual precipitation is 570 mm, most of which occurs during the wet season between November and April, with the remainder of the year comprising dry season.

The recently refurbished Dodoma Airport and the Central Railway Line connecting it over a distance of 465 km with Dar es Salaam serve the city. There are also major highways connecting Dodoma with Dar es Salaam (via Morogoro Region) to the east, Mwanza City (via Singida) to the west, and Arusha (via Kondoa) to the north.

UDOM Important Notice To Students | Taarifa Muhimu | UDOM | CHUO KIKUU CHA DODOMA

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