TAMISEMI | Government Employed 8000 Teachers Not 13000

 Government Employed 8000 Teachers Not 13000.


The General secretaries of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, the Office of the President TAMISEMI and the Office of the President Personnel have provided clarification on the employment of teachers announced few days past .

However, General secretary of Personnel Dr Laurence Ndumbaro said the number of jobs provided was 13,000 but those who received permits were 8,000 teachers.

Dr. Ndumbaro said 5000 teachers will be employed any time before the financial year 2020/2021 over, so Tanzanians should not be afraid as the recruitment period is still there.

“ It is true that we received instructions from the President to hire 13,000 teachers, but the system does not allow for multiple jobs at the same time, so we are going in two phases,” said Dr Ndumbaro.

However, the Secretary admitted that there were errors in some areas including in the system even leading to some names recurring on the list and the problem has been addressed.

Also, the Secretary has warned teachers who lie that they are going to teach certain subjects and get jobs while studying other subjects, they will be screened and those found to be committing such acts will be fired immediately and further action will be taken including preventing them from re-entering the employment system.

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