TAMISEMI | Important Announcement for All Form Four graduates 2020 | Taarifa muhimu kwa wahitimu wote wa form four 2020 | SELFORM


Minister Jafo has announced a process for form four graduates in 2020 to change the form five combinations and Vocational Colleges through online system in 2021.

Students wishing to make changes are required to log in to the student selection system available at selform.tamisemi.go.tz Said Minister Jafo

This exercise will take place from 29/03/2021 to 11/04/2021 at 6 p.m.


THE GOVERNMENT has given the opportunity for Form Four graduates in 2020 to make changes to the Combination and various courses they have selected through the Selform form from March, 29 to April 1, 2021

 Speaking to the Press today, in Dodoma the Minister of State for the President's Office Regional Administration and Local Government Hon. Selemani Jafo said that the aim of making specific changes is to enable students to change their choices based on their performance on the results of the Form Four examination.

 Minister Jafo clarifies that the government has provided an opportunity for graduates to change their choices to enable students to study a profession or specialty that will prepare them to become proficient in their lives.

 "Some students did not complete the specific course or course due to uncertainty of performance in the subjects they chose, so now they know the subjects they passed well and can choose specific subjects or fields to study" stressed Minister Jafo.

 However, Minister Jafo said due to changes in science and technology there has been a need for experts in various fields so the Government has introduced five new specialties for students entering Form Five this year to remove the challenge of lack of experts in the country.

 He named the terms Physics, Mathematics and Computer Studies (PMC), Kiswahili, French, Chinese (KFC), Kiswahili, English, Chinese (KEC), Physical education, biology, Fine art (PBF) and Physical education, geography, economics (PGE).

 Minister Jafo said PMC specialization will be given at Dodoma Girls' Secondary School and Iyunga KFC Boys' Secondary School and KEC will be presented at Morogoro Girls' and Boys' Secondary Schools in Usagara and PBF and PGE will be given at Girls' Secondary School. of Makambako, Kibiti Boys' High School and Mpwapwa Secondary School which are mixed.

 "Our country lacked sports experts due to the lack of specific specifics, so this is a new phenomenon that did not exist in the beginning," stressed Minister Jafo.

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