Wanafunzi waruhusiwa kubadili Combination | Government Provides opportunities For students to change combination

 Wanafunzi waruhusiwa kubadili Combination | Government Provides opportunities For students to change combination

Selform PDF, Selform Form four 2021, Selfom TAMISEMI go tz, Selform 2021 TAMISEMI, Kubadili Combination Form Five 2021, Selform Registration . Selform Form Five Selection 2021/2022, Selform.tamisemi.go.tz. The Selform MIS system is a form of management options for Form five. This system oversees the entire student selection process and allocation to schools according to agreed criteria.

 Minister of State Office of the President Regional Administration and Local Government Hon. Innocent Bashungwa said students who completed Form Four in 2021 have the opportunity to change the options for specialization (Combination) and various courses they need to study according to their performance.

 Speaking to reporters today on March 29, 2022 in Dodoma, Hon. Bashungwa said the move was due to some Form Four graduates not completing the form (Selfom) for sure when choosing their combination courses due to uncertainty in their studies.

 "The Office of the President - PMO-RALG has completed the initial task of capturing data on student forms as it is filled out by students at school, this creates opportunities for students to make changes in their choices" said Bashungwa

 He further explained that the Government has provided an opportunity for Form Four graduates to change their options to provide more opportunities for the student to study a specific course or course that will prepare him or her to have expertise that is consistent with his or her future choices.

 "He urged parents to actively participate and agree with the student in this exercise so that there are no complaints from the student that he has been offered options that he did not choose later" Bashungwa

 He added that the exercise of changing student specificity is done through the process of entering the student selection system (student Selection MIS) via the link selform.tamisemi.go.tz using the test number.

 He advised caregivers / parents and students to continue using the customer service desk via email helpdesk@tamisemi.go.tz or by customer service center on +255 262 160 20 and +255 735 260 210 or visit the Authority's offices. of Local Government.


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