Base Ten Numeration

  • Identify the place value in each digit in base ten numeration
  • Read numbers in base ten numeration
  • Write numbers in base ten numeration up to one billion
  • Apply numbers in daily life

Natural and Whole Number

  • Distinguish between natural and whole numbers
  • Identify even ,odd, and prime numbers
  • Show even , odd and prime numbers on number lines

Operations with Whole Numbers

  • Add whole numbers
  • Subtract whole numbers
  • Multiply whole numbers
  • Divide whole numbers
  • Use the four operations in solving word problems

Factors And Multiples Of Numbers

  • Find factors of a number
  • Find multiples of a number
  • Use factors to find the greatest common factors(GCF) of numbers


  • Identify integers
  • Add integers
  • Subtract integers
  • Multiply integers
  • Divide integers
  • Perform mixed operations on integers


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